Starting from a client’s technical brief or wish list Kedvale Consaltants are able to conceive a power system topology which meets regulatory requirements and realizes the most cost advantageous delivery. KCL are able to scrutinize system constraints and associated data that is available from DNO and TSOs as required by their license conditions in order to undertake these tasks. A connections project would typically entail some or all of the following.

  • System Voltage Levels
  • Resilience of supply
  • Fault levels
  • Primary switchgear selection
  • Secondary switchgear selection
  • Key line diagram
  • Protection and control apparatus
  • LVAC and DC systems.
  • Cable selection.
  • Cost model and contracting strategies

KCL are able to engage DNOs and TSOs in dialogue so as to ensure client’s schemes are engineered fit for the purpose for which the client intends them and that there is no betterment of extraneous systems at the clients expense.

Plant Performance Criterion

The parameterisation of the electrical apparatus is paramount and Kedvale Consultants are able undertake sophisticated electrical network analysis using industry recognized software tools to predict various system criterion such as:-

  • Fault Level & Load Flow
  • Transient stability to ensure compliance with Engineering Recommendation P28
  • Harmonic Penetration Levels to ensure compliance with Engineering Recommendation G5/4.
  • Distribution System Losses and plant optimisation.
  • Protection Coordination to select protection settings
  • Insulation Coordination
  • Fault Ride Through and Distribution Code Compliance

Detailed Design Documentation

The level of the design information produced by KCL is a function of the client’s delivery strategy. Whether a client wants a single turnkey contractor and a high level specification such as would be the case for an EPC contract or individual plant performance specifications in order for the client to source the major component parts and to integrate them via a balance of plant contract KCL can undertake the production of design drawings and specification.

Practice Management

Partners and Directors

The Companies Managing and Technical Director Alan Ward was a professional engineering trainee .of the Central Electricity Generating Board 1980 cohort and was trained in thermal generation electrical system design before being transferred to the Central Electricity Research Laboratories at Leatherhead to participate in the design and type testing of the UK France 2000MW DC interconnector. Alan participated on the design and construction of the Indonesian 500kV system before returning to the UK to work for various Regional Electricity Companies. Kedvale Consultants was established in 1998.

Design Control

All design undertaken by the practice is carried out under the auspices of the companies Information Management System which is designed for compliance to ISO9001.

Each project will be allocated to Engineers as defined in the appropriate section of the Management System and each Engineer will have designated responsibilities in respect of peer review etc. This process will ultimately be under the control of a Chartered Electrical Engineer who will have at least 10 years discipline experience.

Kedvale Consultants are able to integrate with a multidisciplinary design team with participants from other organisations such as Civil Engineers, Wayleave Officers Environmentalists. and Ecologists etc.

Technical expertise in a changing power industry

Concentrate on your core business elements, entrusting us with your transmission, distribution and generation solutions.

Kedvale Consultants Ltd evolved to fill the short fall in resident skills and offer a full consultancy service, as and when required. We combine the best in traditional, high specification training with thorough knowledge of the latest utility developments.

The key elements of our utility services:

Project management

The art of successful project management is the key to project success. Provision of a safe working environment is a must in today’s project environment. Substantial experience gained in a wide portfolio of generation, distribution and transmission projects allows Kedvale to be able to fore see problematic areas within the scope of project delivery this enables us to predict with accuracy and to initiate contingency measures to be put into place.

We can undertake to professionally manage the project on behalf of clients, dealing with Construction Design and Management Regulations and ensuring compliance with Health and safety and environmental legislation in general. Planning and scheduling of tasks evaluation of contractor progress and formulation of and /or scrutiny of interim or milestone payment applications.


We can plan the requisite commissioning at an early stage to ensure contractors can take full cognisance of their contracted obligations. This achieved via a fully detailed commissioning plan and brief. The document is carefully structured to ensure complete overall commissioning of the integrated system and not leaving any third party to mop up. Documents are professionally presented with site and client copies.

As built records

We can organise or compile as appropriate to the commission, a full suite of as installed documentation from design drawings through to the commissioning manuals.