Case Studies

View our case studies to see our electrical design and green energy systems in working form.

Large Connections BSP Subs

Orchard Place is the name given by EDF Energy Connections for the provision of a 132/11kV bulk supply substation supplying a number of residential high rise apartments on a peninsular into the river Lea in East London five minutes walk from Canary Wharf. The site required substantial remediation owing to the previous use which was that of a lard factory

Open Cycle Gas Turbine

Didcot ‘A’ was a 2000MW Coal fire power station comprising four 500MW units. The power station was designed by the Central Electricity Generating Board Midland Projects Group and was commissioned circa 1970. The station is also furnished with four open cycle gas turbines, each of which is connected to a unit 11kV switchboard.

Rail Systems

Involvement in national rail infrastructure grew out of asset replacement schemes within the Southeast of England including the requisite reinforcement works to facilitate the running of Eurostar rolling stock over the third rail system in the interim period prior to the conclusion of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

Solar Anaerobic Digestion

Kedvale Consultants has participated in the connection of a significant number of schemes ranging from some 2MW connected at 11kV to 30MW connected at 66kV. We have acted on behalf of the solar developer and on behalf of independent connection providers to provide complete system design and connections in accordance with host DNO standards.

Renewable Energy Wind Portfolio

The Company founder first became involved in renewable energy as far back as 1977 when he and two school friends entered an Esso sponsored schools completion where they built a Darrieus wind turbine. The contraption frightened teachers and fellow students alike and it was exhibited at Southampton Show in 1978. Two decades later Kedvale Consultants undertook their first commercial wind generation project in 1998.

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