Electricity Management

We can help you with electricity management nationwide. Working with varying voltages, including 66kV, 33kV, 22kV, and 11kV for distribution, as well as 220kV, 400kV, 275kV, and 132kV for transmission systems. Our expertise will enable you to design systems that safely and efficiently transmit and distribute the required load. With many projects completed across the UK, we are well-equipped to provide region specific advice on specifications to our customers. Further to this, we can help with budget, and post completion management. If you would like more information on our electricity management services, or require a booking of this service, please call or email us today.


Transmission systems carry large amounts of electrical power over large distances. The three main transmission voltages in use within the UK include 220kV,400kV, 275kV, and 132kV. This value represents the voltage in the system between power generation sources, and localised networks in different regions. We can help you develop the generation system as well as any transmission required if you have such a project.


Distribution systems are responsible for delivering the electricity provided by the transmission systems to the end users. The distribution voltages used within the UK include 66kV, 33kV, 22kV, and 11kV. These voltages are much lower so that the load within domestic and commercial premises are appropriate for the intended use and consumer.

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