Renewables are a growing area of electrical generation, and for good reasons, we are more than happy to help with your proposed project. From large solar farms, wind harvesting, anaerobic digestion facilities, and offshore projects, we have done it all. This area requires the same expertise as traditional generation, as well as knowledge on the new and developing systems that create the renewable sector. We offer complete guidance across the whole scope of renewable projects. Get in touch with us for more information, and to request our services.

Our company founder became interested in renewable energy from an early age, beginning in 1977. Along with two school friends, the young boys built a Darrieus wind turbine.


Kedvale Consultants has many successful jobs that have involved the linking of numerous projects. Including capacities from approx 2MW at 11kV, and 30MW at 66kV. We have helped represent both solar developers and independent connection providers.


The founder of the company initially delved into the realm of renewable energy in 1977. At that time, he, along with two school friends, participated in an Esso-sponsored schools competition, where they successfully constructed a Darrieus wind turbine. Although the contraption caused a stir of unease among teachers and fellow students, it was showcased at the Southampton Show in 1978. Fast-forward two decades, and in 1998, Kedvale Consultants embarked on their inaugural commercial wind generation endeavour — Lambrigg Fell Wind Farm in Cumbria. This project involved establishing a 33kV connection to the overhead line network of Norweb.

Electrical machinery

Anaerobic Digestion

Among many other projects, Kedvale Consultants has been engaged by the Apsley Estate, found near Andover in Hampshire, to assess and create electrical designs for a sizable anaerobic digestion plant, as well as its subsequent expansion. This plant focuses on generating gas for injection into the gas grid. The system also has a restricted capability, which exports surplus power to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) 11kV overhead line network.

Ocean Wind Farm


Further to our wind operations, we provide all the core aspects required to deliver energy in offshore environments. Our ability to co-ordinate work with multifaceted trades extends into the ocean environment.

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