Since the design of our very first wind farm and its subsequent connection in 1999, Kedvale Consultants have provided a full UK renewable energy engineering service to our clients. Delving into the latest technologies and research to ensure the most successful solution is found, every single project we work on comes from inception through to completion smoothly. We pride ourselves in being renewable energy experts with over 40 years of experience as the industry has continued to evolve and expand. Ensuring we have energy sources for many years to come is something each and every consultant in our team is passionate about. And, delivering these to you and your business form a significant part of our services.

As part of our renewable energy consultancy services, we focus on four main applications – wind, solar, anaerobic digestion and tidal. Our team of consultants, engineers, analysts, and project managers work collectively to solve complex issues, regardless of their location within the UK. As experts in our field, we have participated in some of the UK’s largest schemes including embedded and grid-connected schemes. Each Kedvale Consultant is there to advise on feasibility, through to prospecting the site, providing engineering support and in-depth construction support. By understanding new methodologies alongside technology and evolving best practices, we are able to provide a swift, efficient and supportive service. Alongside this, we built long-lasting relationships with every client, allowing up to support their needs long after project completion and as renewable energy evolves.

Kedvale Consultants have been established in our field for over 20 years. Our range of renewable energy consulting services continues to grow with expanding demand, making us one of the UK’s most respected names within the industry. If you would like to discuss your renewable energy services, get in touch with the team here today.


Anaerobic Digestion

Kedvale Consultants are proud to offer anaerobic digestion plant design as part of our renewable energy services. There is a wide range of opportunities out there for businesses to benefit from the financial support that these power and heat production systems can provide.



We recognise the extensive range of benefits that this form of energy production can bring to commercial businesses, from reducing outgoing costs, enhancing environmentally friendly practices and supporting corporate growth practices.



Kedvale Consultants designed the electrical connection and windpark power distribution for their first wind farm back in 1999 and subsequently managing the connection to the Norweb supply system.