Kedvale Consultants are proud to offer anaerobic digestion plant design as part of our renewable energy services. There is a wide range of opportunities out there for businesses to benefit from the financial support that these power and heat production systems can provide. From 100kw through to large scale projects, we work closely with our clients on the initial ideal, design and construction of anaerobic digestion power plants. We have over 40 years of combined experience and have been a leading name within our industry for over two decades.

This form of renewable energy lends itself to a large variety of different industries. In particular, livestock farms, food production businesses and industrial processes could all benefit from anaerobic digestion gas to grid power production. Our experienced consultants and engineers can help you offset high energy usage costs while securing business expenses for set periods of time. From the initial scoping review and analysis of feasibility through to submitting planning applications, delivering smooth project construction and management services, we ensure your solution is fully comprehensive in its implementation.

We also provide biomethane gas to grid services which are supported under the Renewable Heat Incentive and provides a more flexible fuel solution than that of biogas. Our consultants can work with you on system design. Using a range of studies, we stay on top of technological advances and ensure full understanding of the growth in renewable energy keeps our business ahead of the competition. From the first day through to post-construction management, our experienced engineer consultants work closely with your team, establishing your exact needs and ensuring you achieve exactly what you’ve been searching for.

If you have any questions about anaerobic digestion energy, get in touch with the team here at Kedvale Consultants today.