With over 40 years of experience, Kedvale Consultants have been providing comprehensive solar power solutions to our clients. We recognise the extensive range of benefits that this form of energy production can bring to commercial businesses, from reducing outgoing costs, enhancing environmentally friendly practices and supporting corporate growth practices. Our team of solar energy systems engineers work hard to establish individual needs, from planning through to a sites ground conditions and the liability of flood in a specified area. This helps ensure you minimise risk in terms of building requirements and uses technical knowledge to help you achieve the most out of your solar power construction.

Our team of electrical engineers in solar energy are experts in their field. They work closely with your team from the initial substation concept design and detailed layout design through to quality control and relevant factory acceptance tests. Staying on top of cutting edge technology, we provide cutting-edge solutions that take into account your expectations vs realistic results. We pride ourselves in being one of the UK’s leading solar engineering companies and have a wide project portfolio of past clients that have benefitted from our expertise. From solar energy battery storage systems through to solar power construction, our team are here to support the needs of your business at all stages.

Kedvale Consultants work with you to create a realistic approach to your solar power needs. We offer DNO Connection services alongside array design and site acceptance and factory acceptance tests. Our highly trained and experienced engineering team have the talent needed to understand your requirements and execute them in different safety-critical environments.

If you have any questions about our solar energy consultancy solutions, get in touch with the team here at Kedvale Consultants today.