Kedvale Consultants designed the electrical connection and windpark power distribution for their first wind farm back in 1999 and subsequently managing the connection to the Norweb supply system. Since this time, our reputation as one of the UK’s leading wind energy connection companies has continued to grow, along with our extensive portfolio of past projects. We work intimately with every client, from the initial onshore substation concept design through to quality control and post-construction management. Our offshore wind farm consultants establish each site’s specific needs, identifying potential hazards and ensuring environmental compliance as standard. In doing so, we ensure you receive the most comprehensive service from us and one that continues to evolve with renewable energy technology.

We provide extensive wind farm optioneering, design development and connection process management for any onshore or offshore wind farm. Wind turbine renewable energy continues to rise in popularity, offering a more environmentally friendly solution to power consumption needs. With the right set up, your business and project can benefit from the expertise of our power system consultants in the UK.. All of our power system connection solutions are tailored to your needs, ensuring we make use of changing technology and moulding them to ensure practicality and innovative solutions.

Kedvale Consultants provides support for power system protection and control design, design assurance, power system array design and offshore hub substation platform layout. We can help you abide by relevant quality control requirements and have extensive knowledge of current factory acceptance tests. Our studies analyse how the market is evolving and how we, as wind energy consultants, can use these changes to the advance of our clients. As Distribution Network Operators and transmission system Connectors, we are a leading name within our industry with goals of growing even more in the future.

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