Kedvale Consultants will work with your business to establish the most suitable Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) system. This National Grid capacity service allows clients to provide power to the National Grid with a specific level determined by their generators or in exchange for a reduction of demand either from existing standby generating plant of from dedicated installations. There are three main types of STOR – committed, flexible and premium flexible. Our experienced consultants are here to walk you through every step, from initial inception through to installation and installation management.

The team here at Kedvale Consultants are here to support existing and prospective short term operating reserve generation companies. We provide a economic design and connection design service compliant with National Grid requirements. Our team of design engineers offer connectivity up to 49.9MW for non – grid code compliant installations and above this figure for grid code compliant installations alongside the option of modular design to improve functionality at all times. We have over 40 years of combined experience paired with 2 decades working in the industry. Over this time, our teams continue to track developments in technology while working with key names in our industry to build on our knowledge and a host of services we can provide. Our teams can always be counted on to assess every aspect of your project and ensure you receive the most out of your set up.

Kedvale Consultants pride ourselves in offering a range of national STOR services to suit every budget and customer. If you have any questions about the STOR service and how your business can get involved, get in touch with the team here today.