Kedvale Consultants benefit from 30 years of experience in rail projects, offering tailored transportation engineering solutions to our clients. We have a wide portfolio of past projects, including ones within DC rail electrification schemes. Drawing on this extensive range of skills, we focus on ensuring full system safety in all railway projects by addressing the needs of each client appropriately. We work in line with industry developments at all stages of every project with engineers that specialise in all aspects. This includes transportation infrastructure engineering, asset management and rail operations to name a few.

For such high-voltage power distribution, we also specialise in comprehensive transformer rectifier installations and commuter transport engineering. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry allows us to stay ahead of advanced techniques, tracking research and development to create systems that improve commuter movement, health and safety and ventilation as examples. Our protection and control systems reduce the risk of injury to workers. When needed, we provide DC switchgear installations to keep up with modern standards. This dedication to innovative service is one of the reasons Kedvale Consultants has worked with the leading names in UK railway services during the past 40 years.

To ensure we meet the needs of our clients, our engineering consultants provide a full and innovative transportation engineering solution. This spreads from initial conception through to project planning and final implementation. We fully understand the requirements of safety when it comes to railway projects and put this at the forefront of our focus. Our customers are then able to provide their users with the more reliable and safest operation at all times.

Kedvale Consultants are a leading name within our field. If you have any questions about our links to the transport industry, get in touch with the team here today.

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Kedvale Consultants have a team of talented and skilled engineers who specialise in underground electrical services. Focusing on the safety and comfort of every user, we translate traditional engineering techniques into ones that improve the flow of commuters, their comfort and the productivity of an entire system.


Light Rail

Kedvale Consultants provide their services to a range of light rail transit systems. With over 30 years of experience in rail projects, we understand the importance of safety and customer comfort within this industry.