Kedvale Consultants are leading electrical design engineers who provide a fully comprehensive service to every single company. From initial conceptual design through to detailed systems analysis, project costing and post-project completion management, we have over 40 years of collective experience offering power engineering consultancy services. As market-orientated experts, we work intimately with your business to establish needs and craft custom-built solutions that work every single day.

Our team have been established for twenty years, with a focus on delivering engineering excellence in the fields of renewable and traditional generation technologies. Combining this with STOR and Enhanced Frequency Response technology, we have a wide project portfolio that includes clients such as Scottish and Southern Energy, UKPN and the National Grid. Each and every single one of our power generation and transmission systems consultants has a wealth of experience and qualifications based on the very best in formal Electricity Supply Industry training. Over the years, we have evolved with the goal of filling the shortfall in residential services. Today we offer electromechanical design and analysis alongside electrical power engineering and electromechanical installation supervision.

Our expertise spreads across key areas of the electrical industry including renewable energy, thermal generation, transmission and distribution asset replacement and transportation and power system connection projects. The project management services we provide establish a safe working environment along with the ability to foresee problematic areas. This enables each of our electrical power engineering consultants to advise on the most accurate project structure. We deal with everything from construction design and management regulations through to ensuring compliance of health and safety at all times. Our experts can also structure commissioning to ensure a comprehensive system is put into place with professional documentation ensuring everything is covered. On every job, we aim to combine the best in traditional training with the latest technological advances and the most extensive knowledge.

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Since the design of our very first wind farm and its subsequent connection in 1999, Kedvale Consultants have provided a full UK renewable energy engineering service to our clients. Delving into the latest technologies and research to ensure the most successful solution is found, every single project we work on comes from inception through to completion smoothly.


Thermal Generation

Kedvale Consultants has over two decades of experience, providing extensive thermal generation services to clients across the UK. Our team of consultants have experience in all areas of electrical system design including studies on EFW (Energy from Waste), STOR (Short-term operating reserve) and CCGT (Combined cycle gas turbine).



Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Systems have the potential to contribute to the desire to reduce carbon emissions, raising the organisations environmental credentials, provide renewable solutions for smaller buildings and ensure power is always in supply. Kedvale Consultants has over 40 years of experience providing comprehensive strategic solutions for grid connectivity.

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Kedvale Consultants benefit from 30 years of experience in rail projects, offering tailored transportation engineering solutions to our clients. We have a wide portfolio of past projects, including ones within DC rail electrification schemes. Drawing on this extensive range of skills, we focus on ensuring full system safety in all railway projects by addressing the needs of each client appropriately.